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Mother’s Cookies is owned by Kelloggs.

Mother’s English Tea Cookies’ new package states:



3) “Gallettas de Mantequilla” (translation: “cookies of butter” or “butter cookies”).

1) Only one of those is true: the cookies are a new shape. They are narrower and more elongated. The new shape is a slight distraction from deeper issues regarding Mother’s English Tea cookies.

2) The Mother’s English Tea cookie recipe is not the “same” and tastes different than the previous recipe. The flavor tastes like poor-quality-palm-oil with an accompanying aftertaste of baking soda, ...as if made in a laboratory rather than a bakery. The addition of the preservative TBHQ does not make the cookies taste fresher. They just taste over-processed compared to the old recipe. I found these cookies to be a waste of money and a repulsive expenditure of calories. 3) Using Spanish, the second language in the United States, to represent these cookies contain butter (“mantequilla” ) when the cookies do not contain butter, is downright misleading, if not criminal. One might easily argue this is bait-and-switch advertising. It is noteworthy Kelloggs Mother’s did not make this butter representation in English, but they did bother to print “Cookies/Galletas”, so obviously they have knowledge of English and Spanish languages. Further, the odd, new yellower color of the creamy filling is off-putting and unappetizing. It does not help to convince me I am eating anything containing butter. The poor flavor tells the truth.

These are the worst Mother’s cookies I have ever eaten. The changes since Kelloggs bought the Mother’s brand and the Mother’s recipes are disappointing. Now that I know Kelloggs is currently involved with disengenuous advertising and lowering the quality of known food items, I will avoid buying its products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mothers Cookies English Tea Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just all around a bad tasting cookie. It's a shame companies in the US care so little about quality.


The new "Taffy" cookies are repulsive. They are not at all the same.

Calling the "Dulce De Leche" in the first place was asinine. But changing them the way you did destroyed them. It is bad enough that you did away with the lovely delicate 3 flavored Sugar Wafer cookies you used to have. Now you have completely ruined your best sandwich cookie.

I will never buy your cookies again.

I hope you will at least keep the Circus Animals in good shape. DON'T TOUCH THEM!!!!

to Anonymous #1698830

Wow! So disappointed with the Taffy cookies. What the *** were you people thinking?


Mother's Taffy Cookies was always my favorite. This new recipe SUCKS!!!!

I won't be buying Kellogg's products any longer. Whoever is changing all these recipes should be taken out back and shot.

to Anonymous #1693459

Mothers Taffy (the origina) was a tradition with my daughters and myself and we LOVED THEM!!! bought a pack the other day and have never been so disappointed.

Why in Gods name would you change the recipe on the best cookie around???

So ashamed of Kellogs which bought Mothers out. Will not be purchasing any brand of Kellogs food now...


What a shame....not a good look Kelloggs. The "Kellogg" company has been around long enough to recognize a real Mother's Taffy Cookie.

Disappointing; there were only two packages on the shelf at Walmart....you are ashamed, hunh? I'll be thinking twice other products from the "Kellogg" brand.


Mother's Taffy cookies have always been my favorite packaged cookies to buy and dunk in milk...I am beyond sad that the formula is no longer the same. The cookies are really not good at all.

Won't be buying anymore. Such a shame.

to SJB #1690640

I remember the Mother’s Taffy cookies as a kid. Simply THE BEST!

I recently searched and found them at Target. On the website, the packaging and picture of the cookies looked the same as I remembered, so instantly I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to pick them up and share this nostalgic treat with my son! However, when I got them my heart sank.

FIRST: The cookies on the package LOOKED like the English Tea cookies. When I opened the package, and slid out the tray, I felt defeated. Those aren’t the same cookies. I ate one and couldn’t feel anything that brought me back to the old days.

I’m so disappointed. I’ll NEVER EVER purchase again!


Disappointed! The cookie is nothing like the original.

The creamy center might be the same, or at least close enough to not know the difference, but the cookie itself is not even close.

The company should be hit with false advertisement. Same cookie, different look, is an outright LIE!


The new Taffy taste like its flavor and gluten free. Yuck!


I agree with the comments I’m reading. Just bought a package of the Taffy cookies.

Nothing like the old version.

I don’t like the new version, it tastes cheap and artificial and I won’t buy them again. So sorry Mother’s cookies sold out to someone that can’t do them justice.


My Mom's Best friend worked for years at Mothers. We both agree the recipes are disgusting now.

I have entirely stopped buying them.

I miss the old recipes. I would pay more if they had the original recipe.


I agree about Mothers. My complaint is with the Taffy cookies I have at for over 20+ years.

New shape. Ok, I will give it a try. GROSS!! Tastes NOTHING like the old cookies.

So now, I pass on my favorite cookies. So bummed cause they were awesome the old way dipped in milk.


I used to by Taffy cookies about half the time I bought cookies. Now, I won't buy them again until they change the recipe back.

It is not about change, it is about how bad the new cookies taste. They taste like old sweetened milk.


Bring back the original taffy and tea cookies. The new ones are really bad. Oreo here I come!


PLEASE bring back the original Taffy cookie. They bring back memories of my childhood. The new deuce Le whatever cookies are not good.

to KH #1641383

OMG so disappointed. Just bought them for the 1st time in years and they are horrible. The old school ones taste so much better.


I am a life long Mothers cookies consumer. I was born in 1965 in So Cal and lived there for 34 years we grew up on these cookies.

Now I live on the East Coast and was so so sad to see and taste the changes in the Taffy and Engish Tea cookies. I am no longer going to purchase this brand until they restore the original recipe.


If it’s not broken why fix it? Mothers should of left well enough alone!

The new Taffy cookies suck!

Please go back to the original. Your marketing team really screwed up on this!


Should of left them alone. Very disappointing

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