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Kelloggs changed the recipe on the old Mother’s cookies and are advertising them as “same great recipe” - not true!!! This was my favorite childhood cookie. Very disappointed in the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Cookies.

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You have managed to destroy one of the best cookies out there, Mother’s Taffy. When you change a recipe this drastically, you should find a new name for the tasteless crap you’re trying to pass off as something else.


They’re horrible & I’m mad I bought them! They need to make the great original ones back!!


I agree. This is a childhood favorite that reminds me of my grandpa.

Nothing like the original at all.

Thank you for destroying a memory. Follow Coke and bring back the original recipes

to Anonymous #1702741

It has been a sad day for me ever since you changed the look and taste of the taffy cookies. The Taffy cookies where a great childhood memory of mine.

And from time to time I would buy a bag and remember having some of these with milk, with my grandfather. Very disappointed to see some other cookie with it's name on them. I can not buy your new ones. They taste horrible compared to the originals.

I hope you bring back the originals exactly how they where. Or I will never get to enjoy eating these as I remember how fun it was to have some of these with my grandfather..... Without these cookies, I don't have a mothers cookie that I like. So this change has lost you a 40+ year customer.

I'll keep looking for the correct ones. But I doubt I will find them.


Did Kellogg not get the taffy recipe when they bought the Mother's brand? That is the only reason I can think of for changing a great tasting cookie into a cheap vanilla cream cookie...they fooled me once, but not again. In fact after eating a couple, I threw the rest away.


Michael wrote: These 'new' Taffy cookies are horrible. The icing and wafer are different.

The package says, Same Delicious Recipe It's not the same. It tastes bad. Dry, so dry the icing can't hold the wafer together. The wafer is *** no flavor, not like the former wafer.

The prior Taffy Cookie was a delicious cookie, my favorite of all cookies. Now it is a P.O.S. Probably thinking stupid children will not care. Probably right.

Just lost an adult who really liked the former cookie. Marketing MBA geniuses hard at work.


How can it be? Now I just don't feel OLD, but also UNHAPPY.

"I remember when..." is an irritating oldster comment, but now I am one of those people. "I remember when Mother's Taffy cookies had great texture, taste and considered a treat". Eat it in one piece, or split it in half. Dip it in coffee and it held it's shape.

Why would they replace it with a bland, tasteless, Golden Oreo knock-off. Dip it in coffee and it falls apart. Yuck!

Please, please, please rethink this mistake. America needs a tasty alternative to a non-exciting selection.

to Anonymous #1684212

Yes very sad that taffy cookies have been replaced by an inferior cookie they should not call them taffy

to Anonymous #1685777

I agree with this this customers comments. The Taffy cookies have changed dramatically.

Nothing like they used to be. The new recipe is Absolutely Disgusting. I’m 62 and they have lost an old time customer. I won’t waste my money ever again.

This package went in the trash.

No one would eat them. A total disappointment.


I’ve gone to Target, Ralphs and Food 4 Less in 2 days to find the Taffy Cookies. I thought they were just sold out!

But googling the cookie and discovering that the recipe has changed and that “Same Great Taste” is a lie, infuriates me!! That was the BEST cookie to dip in milk.

I will not be trying any other Mothers Cookie. I only ate the Taffy Cookie.

to Anonymous #1675530

I agree


The ( new ) taffy cookies are horrible Why would you change them. REALLY DISAPPOINTED Please for all your loyal customers change them back. We stayed loyal because we liked what we where buying.

to Anonymous #1675803

New ones is trash


Disappointed switch back to the oldies but goodies.


i loved the taffy cookies for many yrs...now u changed them and they are awful and bland.....bring back the original cookie and cream...this other one u have out now is crap......i will be another consumer to stop buying all your products and all my family members, if u do not fix things...u have changed many items and they all taste horrible....fix them or lose your consumers......


like the old mothers taffy, would bring to work to dip in coffee. new taffy sucks, nobody eats it now


Just bought Mother's Taffy Cookies. What the Heck!

Why would you mess with an awesome cookie. These are not awful!!!! 1914=BS!!!!

Inspire a Memory??? You just took all our memories away.


The Democratic Owner of Kellogg’s found out that the Original Taffy were a favorite of Trump. So he bought out Mother’s and changed the receipe

to Anonymous #1670838



I agree, not the same at all. Had them shipped only yo find a vey disappointing replacement.

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