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Just terrible, I just checked the expiration date thinking it was stale. New recipe is just terrible.

I am 61 and have been eating this for years. I guess I need to find Sugar Smacks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Horrible cereal you messed up a good product.

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I totally agree, this cereal is awful. They need to go back to the original recipe.

to Anonymous #1695247

I was totally excited to see Honey Smacks again!! I bought not one, but two boxes...I was “floored” when I put that spoonful in my mouth, totally awful!!

They don’t even look like before...and so very tasteless! Refund here, I come!!


I agree


35 years I've been eating this cereal. Now it taste like out dated cereal. Change it back.


I’m eating it right now ....WHERE is the flavor????.... I’ll buy no more of it....and now it’s just one more good product that has been new and improved to death!

to Anonymous #1682331

Seriously, try Post Golden Crisp they are really really good, personally I think they have always been better than Kelloggs Honey Smacks. IMHO.

to Anonymous #1687432

Please please please go back to original flavor. This new recipe has no flavor at all and tastes like styrofoam.

The honey flavor was legendary. Please don’t do this.


I want a refund. One bite and the whole box went into the garbage.

Are they trying to kill people or what? Tastes like chemicals


Tastes stale and bland! Ruined Honey Smacks big time!


WTH did you do to this cereal made a bowl of cereal 1 spoonful and was so disappointed what happened to the crisp hard shell ? This new cereal taste like litteraly soft cardboard peices . Will not buy another box until I see old recipe back it's ashame when the cheaper off brand cereal that's $2-3 cheaper taste better then the original .


I use to love honey smacks. Now it tastes worse than the knock offs, worse than stale cardboard.

I originally bought 2 returned 1 and still have the other two months later. YUK!


I agree completely. Why did they mess up a good thing.

When I opened the box I knew something had changed by the look of it. It is gross.


Was so excited to see honey smacks back on the shelf but this is terrible.They really messed this up changing the recipe.


Had not had any smacks for six months seriously disappointed it was like opening a flat Pepsi they have been shaking for a month


They are absolutely disgusting. This was my favorite cereal, I’m 47 and bought a huge family box and a bowl and at first I thought my taste must be off.

I had a second bowl and knew something was up after one spoon, so I look at the box and well, new recipe! Omg this *** is horrible.

Money wasted. I poured the bowl in the toilet and threw the box out!

to Selena B123 #1694221

I did the exact same thing today, bought the big family box because it's my favorite cereal ever. I knew something was off just now when I opened the box and all the deep honey color was gone.

I poured myself a bowl and ate 1 spoonful and immediately Googled what they have done to our Honey Smacks.

Absolutely flavorless and disgusting, just like eating styrofoam. These idiots need to STOP messing with tried and true that has been around forever and bring back the cereal we grew up with and love.


YUP, says "NEW RECIPE", and I hadn't seen any in my store, WM, for a while and I just had to get the big ole FAMILY SIZE box. Tastes like old stale cereal right out of the box.

It even has a odor like old rancid peanut oil. It had an Oct 2019 expiration date, so I figured there was a big hole in the bag. Nothing was found which would cause the product to go bad quickly.

I bet a lot some people will appreciate this 'off' flavor, but to me it's like the introduction of NEW COKE. You have to wonder just how it passed the testing phase and went into the market.

to Bob Kurtz #1661712

OK Kellogg's you got to do something about this this disgusting new recipe honey smacks is gross and this is my go-to cereal so you need to fix it


I hate the new honey smacks recipe. At least I can switch to Post Golden Crisp, which is so much better than honey smacks.

to Anonymous #1650671

Post Golden Crisp is what I am eating now! It's amazing how attached we get to some food items.

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