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Kelloggs! Why do you buy a good product and ruin it?

People LOVED Mothers cookies. I LOVED Taffy cookies for as long as I can remember. New shape, new awful taste, nothing resembles a taffy cookie. They should not use Taffy as the new cookies name.

I guess it's another case of corporate greed. It must be a lot cheaper to make. Good luck selling them they suck.

It reminds me of the time Libbys bought Kerns. They changed their necter into a garbage juice.

I miss the good old products.

They are just memories.

I guess the moral is cherish the now because it soon turns to..... remember when.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Cookies.

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They are good but not what they were. Taste like an oreo now.


Mother's /Kellogs have SUCKED refusing to bring back Iced Rasin Cookies! The online petition is ignored by corporate idiots. I boycott all Mother's/ Kellogs !!!


The Mother's Taffy cookie was my absolute favorite cookie. Then Kelloggs wrecked it.

It simply awful, to the point of being inedible. Kelloggs, please re-release the original Taffy cookie and trash this *** replacement.


I was super excited to see Mothers cookies! Bought Taffy and English Tea ...

which very sadly SUCK now.

So I googled "New Mother's Cookies suck" and found this eloquent jewel of a post. Too funny, and unfortunately accurate.


Sorry, but I've never heard of anyone who QUOTE : "LOVED" a cookie ; seems a little odd. However I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kellogg's managed to ruin a previously decent product ; it is their trademark of slipping quality and inferior ingredients that has been progressing slowly for decades. It is an easy assignment to point out numerous Kellogg's products which have slipped badly over the years - I'm old enough to remember and sharp enough to notice the differences.

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