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I purchased the case (3 boxes, total of 18 packs) of Kellogg's PopTarts a couple of weeks ago and upon opening the individual packages noticed that the product was wet looking and actually soggy. I tried putting a couple in the toaster and once they started heating up, actually collapsed under their own weight and soon made contact with the toaster elements. What a mess! Next I contacted Kellogg's complaint department first and spoke with a woman who said she would report the issue to the Quality department as well as send me an e-mail transcript of our conversation for my records. I informed the representative of all the issues as well as the taste, fear of bad/contaminated product as well as my concern for their product causing a potential toaster fire hazard. As you can guess I never heard another word about my concerns. At this point I sent Kellogg's complaint department (through their website) a follow-up to my original phone call a week prior. This e-mail restated all my concerns and questions. Here is that e-mail...

"I called your 800 number on Wednesday October 2nd and spoke with a representative. I expressed my concern for the poor quality of the product inside the package. It was damp/wet to the feel and fell apart in the toaster. All 3 boxes were the same way. I expressed my concern about the poor quality, my concern for product safety and the potential for the product to either damage toasters or start a fire due to the high moisture content and the way they melt in the toaster. I felt a little dismissed by the representative and she said that she would do the following items... Contact the quality department, send me a email transcript of my call and finally send me some coupons to replace my product. She was not concerned it I still had the product, how it looked or how it tasted. She could not tell me that the product was safe to eat or to throw it out. I did keep a couple of packages just in case there is an issue with the product. I would really like to get some valid answers on my concerns from Kellogg's rather than taking this issue to the local board of health or local news. I have been a loyal customer for many years and I am sure eaten hundreds of Pop Tarts. Either somebody dropped the ball in the Quality Inspection department or this is a contaminated batch of product. Either way I am sure that this whole production run is the same way and should be pulled from the stores. I pulled this product from the middle of a new pallet of pop tarts and the packaging look fine. I am just looking for some answers to my questions please."

About a week later I received the following response...

"Thank you for contacting us about your experience with Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts® Frosted Strawberry. I am so sorry this product did not meet your expectations. We’re happy you reached out to us so we can make this right.

Through extensive taste testing and market research, we know that crispy Pop-Tarts is highly desired by most consumers. We apologize that this was not the case for you. - Higher moisture in baked goods (cereal bars, pop-tarts, cookies, cereal) can result in a soggy or wet texture. When manufacturing these products, moisture is removed by applying heat (baking, toasting, or drying).

We work hard to ensure that the texture quality is maintained until you enjoy the food. I'm sorry that your Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts® Frosted Strawberry were soggier than anticipated.

Product quality is extremely important to Kellogg. Learning about your experience helps our management team make informed decisions about future changes.

Please know that we genuinely appreciate the time you have taken to share your experience. You are a valued part of our family and we are happy to hear from you at any time.

If you have additional comments or a photo to send to us, click here.

Please do not use your “reply” button to respond to this e-mail. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.


Kao L.

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Affairs"

Well after I received this "canned" response, I did use their link and sent the pictures and the following text...

"I have attached some pictures in order to get my point across. These Poptarts are so wet and soggy that they will not support themselves in the toaster. Your response tends to downplay the real issue here. They could start a fire in a toaster, they don't look right and you didn't say if they are safe to eat. They don't even taste like your usual product. You really need to do something with this production batch. If Kellogg's response is this is normal product (especially after viewing the pictures) then I am really disappointed with your response, quality department and your product. I will wait until the end of this week to hear back from Kellogg's. If I have no response by then I will raise this issue to a more public forum where I am sure it will get the proper attention it deserves. Please feel to contact me directly on my cell @ (xxx)xxx-xxxx to discuss further.

Thank you,"

It has been a full week now and Kellogg's has not replied to this last correspondence and that is the reason I am posting this complaint to the public forum.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I just want someone from the company to deal with my concerns and answer my questions. The have all the information they need from my prior e-mails with them..

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I once used a hair removal product on my nostril hairs. It didn't work as I expected.

Very disappointed! I noticed on the label that the product was flammable, so I thought they were telling us it was an option. I put more of it in my nose and used a butane torch to get the product going. It worked!

Sort of. I will never have to worry about nose hair again.

Or blowing my nose, or picking my nose. Or holding my nose when I go into a truck stop bathroom.

to Anonymous #1223507

This made my night. Thank you


I opened a package of PopTarts once and found a lot of small bugs on the product. They were alive, so I figured the product was safe.

I brushed the bugs off the tops of the PopTarts and began eating them. About half way through I saw more bugs on the product I was eating and realized I had not brushed off the bottoms of the pastries. I was so upset upon realizing that I had just eaten some of the bugs, I went to the roof of my 12 story building and jumped off. I landed in a garbage dumpster filled with cockroaches and maggots, and now I'm really upset.

I have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the car I drove to the grocery store to buy the PopTarts.

This was a parody. Get it? Don't be a dolt.

If the product does not look like the picture on the box, return it. I guess we're going to be returning a lot of products to the store.


These look really nasty!!! WHY would you toast them......or even worse, taste them.

You've complained 3 times now. If you're truly concerned about the product, find a lab that can test them and explain what is causing the obviously high moisture content and see if there are any health risks that exist from consuming them.

Then contact your local "troubleshooting reporter" and put it on the news after having significant evidence. If that's too much trouble for you, return them to the *** store where you purchased them and let them deal with it.

to Anonymous Green Valley, Arizona, United States #1277292

I appears that this product was probably damaged in the retail segment. Likely stored in a humid or damp area.

Most packaged foods are susceptible to extremes of temperature an humidity(not to mention strong odors).

Quality control would have caught such a huge mistake. They fact that the frosting is melted off seems to indicate just such an example.


I've had this problem several times before, even today.

Opened up a package from a new box...and both are half soggy and taste horrible.

We have a toaster oven, so if they were to fall apart it'd be easier to avoid a possible fire.

It's a gamble with the product, I guess.


I do not think this person is a child, but she is acting like one, the more she shares this to public forums the more foolish she looks, she put her own self in danger by putting the tarts in the toaster oven. What kind of response does this id!ot want, sorry you were too stup!d to use common sense that even a three year old can use.

What exactly do you want, and do you really need someone to tell you to throw them out or eat them.

Can you not use your own judgement. You obviously have bad judgment if you put something soggy in an electrical appliance, no wonder the other poster thought you were a child.


Next time make sure mommy or daddy is around before you use the toaster, an adult would have informed you it would not be safe to out soggy poptarts in the toaster. Also ask mommy or daddy if they are safe to eat.

Don't blame the company because you were too foolish to figure out not to put the pop tarts in the toaster. Use the toaster next time with adult supervision, that way you will be safe. Anyone over the age of eight would know not to put them in the toaster, don not blame them because you were too impatient to wait for mommy or daddy to help you. An adult would have known that it is not safe to put these in the toaster.

If there was a fire it would have been your own fault for not getting mommy or daddy to use the toaster for you.

Seriously writing about the fire hazard is foolish since you did not ask mommy or daddy for help, any adult would have known that if you put soggy pop tarts in the toaster it would be dangerous.

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