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Pour cereal in bowel and there was a staple. My 8 year old found it.

I told him are you sure it can't be.He picked it out of his bowel and there it was. We both were scared. Just bringing it to your attention I do have a picture of this. I know it was just a freak thing but it did happen.

It's his favorite cereal. Glad he didn't swallow this staple. Thank The Lord above. My son and I thought we should tell you about this.

We have been buying this cereal for all summer. Darick my son is 8 years old, he is very concerned and still loves your cereal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Cereal.

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Was it hard to pick a staple out of his bowel? That must have REALLY hurt!

Probably should have gone to the emergency room!

You said he didn't swallow it. To get into your bowel, it would have to be swallowed. Unless it went up the other end. ;)

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Thanks for a great laugh! :)


He found the staple in his bowel and then picked it out of his bowel? Eww. Seems like a lot of trouble and messiness, just to get a bit of extra fiber.


Do you actually believe some invisible man that lives in the sky controlled your sons eyes and hands so he wouldn't swallow a staple that was probably already in the bowl?

That's hilarious.


Bowl is something you eat out of.

Bowel is part of the stomach, intestine!

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