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So recently I craved the sweet puffs formally known as Honey Smacks so I went to the store to retrieve a box. I was so eager to taste them that I almost opened the box in the car.

I get home and pour me a bowl and was so excited because I haven’t had this cereal in a very long time. Sadly I was very disappointed. The cereal was very tasteless and boring. It was literally air in a box.

The “new recipe” literally ruined the taste and quality of a cereal I so loved in the past. You should go to your local store and grab a box and taste it yourself and compare it to the original and you’ll see a HUGE difference. So I guess this review is to inform you to PLEASE fix the new recipe. I have never been disappointed in any Kellogg’s brand of cereal until literally this moment.

I know you guys can do better and i hope in the future you will fix this problem because until I see a difference I will no longer be purchasing that brand of cereal that I so loved which is also very disappointing. Sad

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've never "loved" any food ; it does not return your love. I agree that Kellog's products have taken a severe dive in quality while climbing in price. Vote with your wallet and boycott the entire brand.


Same here! The “new recipe” sucks.

The have no crunch and are tasteless! Please go back to original

to Anonymous #1696861

You could and did correctly express the point in your second sentence. You didn't need to use borderline obscene language in the first. You may not find it offensive, but I do.

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