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I'm not sure what you had to do to get Honey Smacks back on the shelf, but the new recipe is not going to work for those of us who have loved the cereal since we were kids. I was so excited to see Honey Smacks back on the shelf and actually paid full price for a box (instead of waiting for a sale) because I had been going through withdrawals.

I could tell by the looks of the cereal as soon as I opened the box that you had changed the recipe. Honey Smacks is now discolored and bland. I didn't even finish the first bowl. I dumped it down the drain and threw the rest of the box in the trash.

It was disgusting. Post did something to ruin Golden Crisp years ago and I haven't bought a box since. You have now ruined Honey Smacks and I won't purchase another box unless you go back to the original recipe. Post woke up and brought the original recipe back for Honey Comb when their customer base revolted.

Here's hoping Kelloggs will do the same with Honey Smacks. Bring back the original recipe!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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True I miss the old flavor they better come back with it soon they probably just gotta get uncontaminated ingredients again and this is like a temporary thing hopefully


New Improved Honey Smacks Suck! I will not be buying any more!


I was a bit nostalgic and grabbed a box, I had no clue they changed the recipe until after I ate a bowl and thought wow this is not the same. I haven't bought them for about 2 years so I googled and sure enough they changed it, like why?

Why change something that was amazing into cardboard.

The generic brand is better then this now. Fix it and remember to not fix stuff that's not broken.


What the *** happened to Honey Smacks?! I feel like I just put a spoonful of packing peanuts in my mouth. Fix it Kellogg’s!


I am so devastated that you changed the recipe!! It was delicious and now it tastes like soggy cardboard.

Its almost criminal.

Tossed the box in the trash after one bowl. Why fix it when it wasnt broke?


I want the original recipe back! I forgot and bought my second box today!

Horrible! A waste of good money.


This cereal used to be my it tastes like little pieces of cardboard box


I feel sorry for the younger generation who will never get to experience the joy and bliss of indulging in the original recipe Honey Smacks.


Yes when I noticed the plastic bag was different from the normal silver bag, shape and color but most of all the taste. Yuck!!!


I agree. The new formula tastes like cardboard.

I attempted to finish one bowlful, but couldn't. I just tossed the box, where it belonged, in the garbage.


This is gonna fail. The cereal has no Carmel glaze color , barely sweetened.

Thanks for looking out for my A1C. Not !

Get it right. Bring back the original recipe .


I agree


Totally agree. I bought a box a few months ago and notice something was different, did not like it.

My husband wanted to try it again so bought another box. We hate it !!!!!!!

Flushed it down the toilet and gave it to my grandchildren who will eat anything. Please reconsider and fix the cereal back like it was.


Wow I just did the exact same thing. Couldn’t even finish the first bowl and tossed the whole box in the trash.


Totally agree we through out our box too. We always kept a box at the house and were anxious for its return after recall. Awful!


Perhaps the aim is to be more healthy but the taste is .... how to put this diplomatically .... well, the best I can say is that it tastes like cardboard.


Omg this is terrible I thought the dollar store tricked me with my box if smacks. I couldn’t wait to get home and make a bowl but when I did I was so dissatisfied they taste rough and fake idk I’m 46 so I grew up with them. Freakin gross they better get it back or no one will buy these what a waste of $5


This is the death knell of my childhood. It tastes of sadness and packing styrofoam.

Right now there is probably a lone shriveled French fry lost in the depths of my floorboards, wedged in the floor mat of my car and forgotten many Happy Meals ago.

I think I will find it and eat it instead. Fix it.


I agree 100%! I ate 2 spoons and dumped that mess in the trash.

I will take the rest of it back to the store for a FULL REFUND!!! It's was like eating packing peanuts (JUST NASTY--NO FLAVOR WHATSOEVER). Whose bright idea was this to try and pass this off as Honey Smacks and then have the audacity to advertise "New Recipe" on the box as if that's a good thing. Too bad I didn't see that before purchasing or I would have left that box of junk at the store because Post got me with their Honeycomb switch and that advertisement would have been my cue to pass it by.

I was one of the ones who complained to Post about their new recipe and I guess I was one among many because they wised up and went back to the original recipe. If it ain't broke, leave it alone and just fix the issue of salmonella and if your recipe is the problem, just discontinue it altogether but don't ruin your reputation by trying to pass this mess off.

Whoever signed off on this should have sat down and eaten a bowl first and it would have never made it to the shelves of our grocery stores. Disgusting!!!


I agree, i am definitely throwing my box of honey smacks in the trash, never purchasing again and also telling family and friends on fb how the recipe has changed for the worst. It's not same look nor taste.

Why are all foods being messed with? We can't have nothing.

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